Bodhi Kids has received a grant from Khyentse Foundation!

Bodhi Kids has received a grant from Khyentse Foundation!

Bodhi Kids is so honored to report that we have been awarded a grant from Khyentse Foundation in the Special Projects category! We are so humbled and excited to bring our work forward in a way that is in line with Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche’s vast Bodhisattva vision!

With this support we will continue to network with the generous and talented people representing Buddhist religious, educational and cultural organizations to make the boons of Dharma freely accessible to all, especially youth.

Our goal is to document and share our collective resources online.  The media rich content will benefit remote families, Buddhist organizations and educators by giving them free access to compassion-based resources in the form of inspiration and structured online courses.  UPDATE: Within days of receiving the grant money, it was put into use to purchase equipment to document a Bodhi Kids teaching event. Watch is here!

Bodhi Kids completely shares the aspirations of Khyentse Foundation: to “make freely available the primary teachings of all Buddhist lineages” and “to extend the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion as widely as possible.”  We joyfully offer this platform in service to the Buddhdharma and for the benefit of sentient beings.

Sarva Mangalam ~ May All Beings Benefit

(The Khyentse Foundation logo above depicts the Ashoka pillar.  Read more about patron Emperor Ashoka of India here)

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