Family Day – Compassion

The theme of this Bodhi Kids Family Day was “Compassion In Action” and over 60 people came! The day started out with a children’s blessing led by three KTD Lamas. Then everyone moved into the monastery cafeteria where Lama Karma and Fiber Flame guided the families in a mala-making workshop.  This was a big hit for all ages and it was so generous of Fiber Flame to provide all the beads and supplies!

After our malas were complete with 108 beads each, we had a snack and prepared to enter the temple for a teaching on compassion by Lama Kathy.  Lama Karma taught about conduct in the sacred space before we entered the temple.  A senior Bodhi Kid demonstrated prostrations.

Lama Kathy taught us about the Buddha Chenrezig.  She then led us in using our newly made malas to chant mantra of compassion, OM MANI PADME HUNG. There were some special guests in the shine room that day: earth worms bought from a bait shop.  There is great merit in saving lives of beings from certain death.  These beings heard us singing the sacred mantra of compassion and we released them under logs by the pond later that day.

In the afternoon, the children learned the “Tara Tames the Eight Fears” dance. The parents went to learn meditation and had an open discussion about parenting.  When we came back together the children performed the Tara Dance for the parents and lamas.  Finally, we all took a nice walk together down the Dharma Path, released the earth worms, and dedicated the merit.  It was a marvelous day!

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