Tsoknyi Rinpoche: Educating the Heart

Tsoknyi-Rinpoche-nuns-children-education“I don’t think right now in school they’re teaching about love, compassion, and tolerance. All religions talk about that. And that is human nature – we have that. We have to change some of the education system. We have to bring some more heart teaching, loving teaching.

“I think we have to bring a new teaching into education to change the perception of reality.”

We have science, we have mathematics, art, history. But it’s good to take thirty minutes, everyone close their eyes and see feelings, mood, thoughts, when you’re angry – how it happened, how to release. Just to
give some time to your mind, what you can call your heart. If you have more love, it’s better. If you have healthy love, even better. If you have compassion, it’s better for you, better for others. If you have insight that when your conflict comes inside of you, you know how to let it go, how to solve your problem – that’s also a good thing. This is very important eduction. If Americans can do that, they’ll save a lot of money. And those healthy people can help the country and help the rest of the world.”

Transcript from the Pundarika video below.


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